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We are right to value sincerity,but false beliefs - even sincerely held false beliefs - can be disastrous. - Canon John Young, Diocesan Evangelist for York

The Book of Job An introduction to the most blasphemous book in the Bible (or is it?) - by Louis de Bernieres

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Leaving Christianity

Steve Lock's excellent leaving Christianity site

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The Case Against Christ by Canon John Young

Serious Talk by the Reverend Dr. John Polkinghorne

Who Moved The Stone? by Frank Morison

God,Chance and Necessity by Professor Keith Ward

Eyewitness to Jesus by Carsten Thiede - reviewed by Professor J.K.Elliott

Inquest on the Shroud of Turin by Joe Nickell

Jesus -Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millenium by Bart Ehrman (offsite)

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