Do Science and Religion Conflict?

In the Catholic Mass, bread and wine is supposed to be physically and miraculously changed into the physical body and blood of Jesus. Catholics say that the bread and wine no longer exist.

Paul VI elaborated on the doctrine of the Eucharistic Mystery in his Credo of the People of God (1968): "Any theological explanation intent on arriving at some understanding of this Mystery, if it is to be in accordance with Catholic faith, must maintain, without ambiguity, that in the order of reality which exists independently of the human mind, the bread and wine cease to exist after the consecration."

All scientific tests will show that the bread and wine still exist and are unchanged.

All the evidence of the senses will tell the recipients that they are only eating and drinking bread and wine.

What is the response of the Catholic Church to the scientific evidence, the evidence of our senses, and indeed sheer common-sense, that there has been no change whatever to the bread and wine?

Here is an article where this conflict between science and religion is addressed.

I quote from the article.

Some, however, will find it difficult to accept this apparent conflict with physical science. Thus, Paul VI stated in No. 16 of Mysterium Fidei regarding this mystery of the Real Presence: "And so we must approach this mystery in particular with humility and reverence, not relying on human reasoning, which ought to hold its peace, but rather adhering firmly to divine Revelation." And in No. 17 of Mysterium Fidei, he quoted St. John Chrysostom, the fourth-century Doctor of the Church: Let us submit to God in all things and not contradict Him, even if what He says seems to contradict our reason and intellect; let His word prevail over our reason and intellect. Let us act in this way with regard to the Eucharistic mysteries, and not limit our attention just to what can be perceived by the senses, but instead hold fast to His words. For His word cannot deceive.

There you have it. When science, the senses and common-sense conflict with Church dogma, believers will tell you to ignore the evidence of your senses. The bread and wine no longer exist, even if you can still see them.

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