Illustrations Page - Number 3

The aim of this page is to illustrate what I mean by saying that Luke 4 actually uses two different parts of the Greek version of Isaiah, but Luke states that Jesus was reading from a scroll and so could not have mixed two chapters of Isaiah together and was ,presumably, reading in Hebrew or Aramaic.
Picture of Isaiah 58

Here I have underlined the passage from Isaiah 58:6 which is used in Luke 4. (to send forth the crushed in deliverance)

Picture of Luke 4

Here I have underlined the passages from two different chapters of Isaiah (chapters 58:6 and 61:1), which Luke 4 is claiming were together in the scroll.

Picture of Isaiah 61

It also seems that Luke has translated the Hebrew that Jesus would have read and it came out to be astonishingly close to the old Greek translation, or Luke was just using this translation to start off with. In any case, he can't be reporting what Jesus did, unless we can assume that Jesus really did make a mess of reading from the scroll.

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